Kauri Gifts


Kauri Gifts examples of our workTo help you purchase any bowls you might like, we use the Paypal payment system, which enables you to pay by credit card even if you aren't a member.

Please allow 3 days for processing your order.

Rates within New Zealand
After entering your address on the delivery form, you will be able to choose the delivery option which matches your location. Items within New Zealand will be shipped using Fastway Couriers, and items for overseas addresses will be sent via New Zealand Post.
The prices within New Zealand are:

Small package:
Northland / Auckland $12.50
Rest of North Island $15.00
South Island $20.00

Medium package:
Northland / Auckland $15.00
Rest of North Island $17.50
South Island $25

Large package:
Northland / Auckland $17.50
Rest of North Island $22.50
South Island $30.00

International postage from New Zealand is based on packaged weight. Overseas orders will sent by international airmail door to door and is automatically covered by compensation to the value of $250. Above this amount, an extra $10 will mean your items are also insured in transit and this will be included in the postal charge.
Delivery times are only approximate and you will need to allow extra time near Christmas as Customs implement extra security measures.

Sometimes the shipping cost calculated by the website is more than the actual shipping cost when the parcel is taken to the post shop. If the difference between what you pay and what the post office charges us is more than $2, we wil refund you the difference.

UK and Europe - 8-14 days
Australia - 4-6 days
South Pacific 7 days
US, and East Asia 6-10 days Canada 10-14 days
Rest of World 10+ days

Customs Duties and Sales Taxes
Any customs charges or sales taxes due upon entry to your country are purchaser's responsibility and not included in our prices. Customers from the UK, Canada and Europe should be aware that these charges may indeed occur so we advise finding out about your own country's importing policies and customs arrangements before placing an order.

In some countries, especially Australia, there are strict measures in place to protect the local plants and species. Occasionally, Customs will hold on to a wooden item to check it is safe enough to enter the country. We use an organic burnishing oil and a finishing wax on our items and until now have not had any trouble. However if you do experience any difficulties, please let us know and we will do our best to help.

New Zealand Sales Tax
As we are not currently registered for GST (New Zealand Goods and Services Tax 15%), our products are not subject to a 15% reduction when they are sent outside of New Zealand. Most of the outlets we sell through add GST on top of our prices, but because we don't, you are in effect getting a 15% reduction in price anyway.

Warranty and Guarantee
A lot of our bowls and platters that we make are from the stump, root and branch area of the tree are highly figured. Due to this one often finds bark pockets, cracks, seams of gum and our way of working is to stabilise and enhance these features rather than hide them. If you are in any way dissatisied with your item, please get in touch wih us within 14 days of receipt of purchase and we will do our best to find a solution.

Keeping the kauri in the best condition
When you first display your bowl or platter, place it in a room away from extremes of temperature, to help it acclimatise to the temperature in your home. Keep it out of direct sunlight and if it starts to feel slightly rough after time (this is the resin seeping out) use a very fine grade (0000) of steel wool and gently rub the surface. To enhance the shine either use a good quality furniture wax or a neutral oil such as ollive.

Contact: walkers@kaurigifts.co.nz